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Options For Establishing Issues In Job Hunting

job hunting

The shifting job-hunting landscape is particularly hard for people like Huang Li. Huang, from a village in Guangxi and approaching 35, was leaning against a pool table in a public park and drinking a can of beer during a break from job hunting. Wiping sweat from his face with the bottom of his shirt, Huang said he lost his previous job at a Dongguan lamp factory last year when the boss “ran away” a term describing a factory owner who suddenly disappears to avoid debts and salary payments. Although Huang finally received his wages with the help of local authorities, he became one of the migrant unemployed and was desperately searching for a new position returning to his rural home was no longer an option for him as he can’t make a living from the small family plot of land. “I’m deeply worried,” Huang said, adding that it was easier for women to find general, or non-skilled, jobs. He described a jobs vacant post he had seen from a watch manufacturer saying it needed dozens of general workers, but only women aged 18 and 35 would be accepted. “I want to work in an electronics factory,” Huang said. “I don’t have much education, all I can do is manual labor.” For now, Huang pays 300 yuan (HK$350) a month in rent to share a room with another worker, and is desperately in need of cash to cover his monthly expenses of about 2,000 yuan, including food and phone bills. show chapters

China’s manufacturing towns: From boom to bust?

CNBC’s Eunice Yoon reports on China’s once-prosperous industrial zones which are now seeing manufacturing plant closures and vacant factories.

Sunday, 20 Dec 2015 | 11:00 AM ET | 06:20 “If I can’t find a proper job, then I will do whatever I can find, like hourly paid work,” Huang said.click to read more

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In.his.rticle, Meg Guiseppi describes exactly how to do it. Instead of the usual top-down approach, start from the bottom up. They value the ability to make sensible solutions regarding a spending proposal or an internal activity. Having the right, concise descriptions for your real strengths will help you during any interview and will help you do the right things in your job search: sector, job content, etc. For problems with an employment-service firm, contact the appropriate state licensing board if these firms must be licensed in your state, your state Attorney General, and your local consumer protection agency . You can also call 800-TAX-FORM 800-829-3676 to get it by mail. For more on this topic, see Job-Hunt’s Guide to Freelance and Independent Contractor Jobs . Reaping the Benefits of Temporary Work If you are between jobs or considering dipping your toes into the “gig economy,” check out this interesting article by Sarah Terlaga and Chris Mitchell which lists some very interesting advantages of temporary work. New articles and tips delivered to your in box every Friday and NO spam!.

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job hunting

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